Many students, especially graduate students and families, move to the Stanford area with their pets. Because of the high cost of housing in the area and the resulting dependence on campus housing, students are often placed in a difficult situation when it comes to moving to the area – especially those who are moving from a distance and already face a difficult long-distance housing hunt. In the past, Stanford Housing utilized subsidized off-campus apartments to supplement on campus housing, and some of these allowed pets. However Stanford is phasing out its off-campus subsidized housing, it will no longer be an option.

On-campus Housing

The Feline Friends Network does NOT recommend that students with pets accept on-campus housing assignments. Sneaking pets into Student Housing is a risky gamble, and often the pets are the losers. Stanford Housing policy strictly prohibits all pets including fish.

Many pet guardians who take the gamble find themselves hunting for off campus housing on short notice, and then faced with the difficulties of trying to get out of the Housing contract. Often students faced with the notice to “remove” pets or face a $100 per day fine panic and abandon their animals, or deliver them to a shelter.

On the other hand, we do not support the idea of students being forced to leave their pets behind when they come to Stanford, either with friends and family or surrendering them to a shelter. We will be happy to assist you in your search for suitable pet friendly off-campus housing.

Off-Campus Housing

Our volunteers can help you in your search for pet-friendly off-campus housing. The Stanford area remains one of the most expensive places to live. However with a bit of patience you can find an apartment that allows pets. Most require a pet deposit, but if you don’t have enough money to cover all the move-in expenses, contact Stanford Federal Credit Union about a short term housing loan.

Please contact us and we can help you decide on listings and recommend areas that you may like to live in.

Please be aware of scams that may exist on craigslist and other classified ads. Never give out your personal information or send money until you have confirmed the landlord and housing advertised are legitimate. It is best to visit in person – or if that is not possible as is often the case with students coming from long distances, either find a trusted agent, contact a real estate agent or property management company, or stick to a large commercial complex with an office.

Useful housing resources:

Search Stanford Community Housing (off campus) Listings

Stanford Housing Pet-Friendly Apartment List

An extensive classifieds page for the Bay area. Most ads include a Map link that allows you to determine the distance to Stanford (use zip 94305 for driving directions)

Palo Alto Weekly Newspaper Classifieds
Lists mostly large commercial complexes, after starting search under “amenities” choose pets allowed.
Lists mostly large commercial complexes, after starting search click on “advanced options” to choose pets policy.