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  2. Feral and Homeless Cats
  3. Spay and Neuter Advocacy, Free Spay/Neuter Clinics
  4. Resources for Adoption and Rescue Organizations
  5. Cat Health and Care
  6. Pet-Friendly Housing
  7. Other Adoption and Rescue Organizations

Feline Friends Network PDF Info Sheets 


Feral and Homeless Cats


Socializing Feral Cats and Kittens
Tips from Feline Friends Network

Caring for Feral Cats
A guide to starting a feral cat care program of any scale, by Best Friends.

9 Lives Video Series from San Francisco SPCA
Instructional videos on feral cat management, featuring footage from the Feline Friends Network.

Creating a No-Kill Community
How to bring the no-kill approach to any shelter big or small.


Alley Cat Allies
An organization in support of feral cats, providing a wealth of articles and resources.

Feral Cat Coalition (San Diego)
An organization promoting the practice of spay/neuter and release to manage feral cat populations.

Silicon Valley Friends of Ferals
TTVAR assistance for feral cat colonies.

Project Purr
An organization providing free spay/neuter in Santa Cruz, as well as rescuing unsocialized cats turned in to shelters and placing them in farm and barn homes.


Spay and Neuter Advocacy, Pet Overpopulation


Cat Overpopulation Facts from Spay USA
A great flier with all the reasons for spay/neuter.


Spay USA
Find low cost or free spay and neuter services in your area.

Fix Our Ferals
Free spay and neuter or feral cats in Alameda & Contra Costa Counties, information support and advice for spay/neutering, borrow human traps.

Free and Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinics
A listing of free and low-cost spay and neuter clinics across the USA

San Francisco SPCA Free and Low Cost Spay and Neuter
Free spay or neuter for homeless San Francisco cats.
Low cost ($35) spay/neuter for other cats.


Resources for Adoption and Rescue Organizations


A database of adaptable pets with photos and profiles, rescue listings, resources and more.
Resource for rescue organizations, shelter directory.


Cat Health and Care


Facts on De-Clawing
By the Center for Feline Education

Moving by Car With Your Cat
Tips for how to make your move go safely and smoothly.

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)
Fact sheet.


Soft Paws
Vinyl claw covers are a humane and 100% effective solution to problem clawing

Choosing the Best Food for Your Cat
An article by veterinarians

Early-Age Neutering
Information from AVMA on early age spay and neutering.

Building Cat Trees and Scratching Posts
Complete instructions and materials lists for several styles, from simple to advanced!

De-Clawing Cats: Issues and Alternatives
A collection of articles on the issue of de-clawing cats.

Indoors Only – Some Things to Think About
A set of excellent articles about the debate about cats being indoor only pets.

Build a Safe Cat Enclosure in Your Yard
Do you have an indoor-outdoor cat? Keep your cat safe from harm by building an enclosure.

C&D Cat Enclosures
These modular enclosures are perfect for yard or balconies.

The Purrfect Post
We have used this post and found it to be the most attractive to cats – even those who don’t like other posts – and very durable and attractive.

Boomerang Tags
High quality engraved color-filled metal and plastic tags. We recommend having the back engraved to read “indoor cat – if I am outside I am lost. Reward!”


Other Rescue and Adoption Organizations


Pet Food Express Adoptions
Online pet search in the San Francisco Bay area.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
A no-kill animal sanctuary, caring for all species.

Hugs for Homeless Animals
A nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to homeless and displaced animals.

Partnership for Animal Welfare (Maryland)
Animal rescue and adoption organization.

Pet Rescue (Florida)
Working together to help Homeless Animals

Homeless Pet Placement League (Texas)
To rehabilitate and provide foster care for stray or abandoned dogs and cats.

The Second Chance Adoption Center (North Carolina)
An All Volunteer, Nonprofit, Organization Dedicated to Helping Homeless Animals.

The Cat Site
List of links and rescue organizations.